The Natural Order of Things

A killing frost is coming.

And no amount of craft on my part can change that fact.

Not that I should want it to change, really.

Because the killing frost for me,

is spring for her.


My daughter is a senior in high school.  I’m already anticipating how much I’m going to miss her next year.

I’m also experimenting with switching my blog to wordpress.  Any advice as to the pros and cons  would be very much appreciated.


38 thoughts on “The Natural Order of Things

  1. Thanks Gina:) I’ll survive, but it’s going to take a whole lot of getting used to. I know parents who treat the whole thing as no big deal, but my daughter and I are very close-like best friends almost. The silence in her absence will be deafening, but I know if I let her go, she’ll never be very far away-at least from my heart. And I agree-it is wonderful watching them bloom:)

    • I lost my best friend (daughter) to Brazil almost three years ago. It has been a roller coaster ride. My heart broke and as I speak I weep. I am reminded of the saying ‘as parents we give our children wings and strong roots’ There is no cure … I have found my blog and internet, and skype a life line when the frost has grasped. I have learned that spring has a away of peeping round the corner when you least expect … Good morning mum … makes my day … I wish you well … I would like to say it will get easier … but I cannot xxx

  2. This is so heart-felt and beautiful. My older son is only 11, so I’ve got some time before I have to prepare for frost (oh, but it will be here before I know it…)

    I’ve only used WordPress, so I don’t have any info about the pros/cons. I’ve been satisfied with the ease of use/maintenance so I haven’t had to check into other services.

  3. Oh, Valerie. This makes me so sad. I understand the conflicting emotion of wanting your (not so little) baby to soar, but kinda wishing she could do it while safely under your wing. My oldest is 13. He looks more and more like a man each month. I feel like the next five years will go by in a flash. 😦

    Beautiful sentiment, beautifully written (as always.) Loved it, even though it put a lump in my throat. 🙂

  4. Lovely, Valerie.
    Spring for her, that’s all you gotta remember. The killing frost. Well yes, there’s that.
    Just remember her spring 🙂

  5. How beautiful is this!I can see where you are coming from Valerie as my daughter just started college and though we were lucky that she got in to a top class univ right here,am still dreading the fact that after 2 years,she may leave-we are very close too and I cannot think of not having her around!I salute my Mom ,who had the courage and the foresight to let me fly some 34 years ago & at that time there were no emails or mobiles-not even a phone-a letter a month was the only way we communicated but I became a stronger person because of that-God bless her soul!

    However,we have to let them fly,now that we have given them roots-it is definitely a pleasure to see them take flight and become individuals in their own right!I wish you lovely daughter all the best and lots of love to you both-being a mom is a tough job-letting our hearts leave the body and pretending to breathe.Hold on to the “spring” in her and it will give you the warmth in your”frosty winter” 🙂

  6. Valerie – such beauty and meaning in so few words. (secretly, I was hoping for a longer piece from you because I love your writing so much!)

    I can’t offer any insights as I don’t have children, but I can imagine the difficulty of parting at that certain age. Still, just as it is spring for her, it is a new time for you and one that I’m sure will bring exciting opportunities and discoveries into your life as well. I have no doubt your daughter will enjoy seeing you thrive as she does too. A chance to share in a new way! :))
    As for WordPress, I really like the clean look of this theme. Easy to read, dark font on light background, and the navigation looks easy to understand. It took me many hours to find a theme. Having a representation of myself online, I wanted to ensure it would “show off” (you know what I mean!) my writing to best advantage and would be easy to read the text.

  7. Beautifully expressed, Valerie. Kids spread their wings and bloom in all kinds of places, but the good ones always know where their roots are. Am sure yours will do too. Thanks for linking up and don’t forget to come back and vote!

  8. Child doing away to college (or anywhere for that matter) is always a difficult thing to experience for a parent. You have expresses it beautifully.

  9. Sending you love and supportive energy during what will be an emotional time. I remember when I went away to college, leaving my mother who was so much of a friend. Luckily I was a 4 hour drive away – and I spent a LOT of weekends that first year making the drive to go back and see her.

  10. Really beautiful writing, Valerie.

    I love WordPress. I used other platforms before and find WordPress easier to customize and more user-friendly than others. I, too like this layout you are experimenting with.

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