Bloom of Faith

In distant autumns, we planted tulips.

Assurances of spring.


Cherished for elegance and grace.

That hunger winter, we cherished tulips as an assurance of survival.

Dug up the bulbs, and ate them.


In the depths of winter during the German occupation of the Netherlands  in World War II, food was so scarce that people were reduced to eating anything deemed edible including sawdust, book binding glue-and tulip bulbs.


29 thoughts on “Bloom of Faith

  1. Oh Val, your words are always just so nostalgic and telling. I could see every pink, white and red bulb swaying in the wind and then sustaining a body, feeding a hunger.
    TGIF my friend.

    • Janna, I pray I never find myself in a situation like that-and it sure makes me mindful of those who were-and are facing such circumstances. Thanks for your comment!

    • Thank you so much, Rossandra! That was the thought I had too. I hope the thought of better days-and the return of planting tulips instead of having to be nourished by them helped people get through those bleak days.

  2. Tulips, for me, are a sign of new beginnings. I’m excited when I first see there green poking up through the still hard dirt. To be so overwrought with desperation is a feeling I don’t know and the thought of someone feeling this way is painful. Beautiful words, strung together perfectly (and this weekend, poignantly) week after week.

  3. Whoa! That last line was a punch to the gut. Such beauty and sadness in this piece. Makes me feel guilty for complaining today when my son’s soccer team voted to eat at McDonalds between tourney games. Gulp. Excellent, powerful piece, my friend!

  4. Oh my, Valerie…this is so beautiful! I read it early in the weekend, and meant to come back and comment. Every word is perfect and so moving. Wow. Excellent, powerful write.

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