Ever Mindful


Lately, I am fragile old silk.

Frayed at the edges, hopelessly tattered.

Crushed beneath a chafing blanket of onyx woolen sky.

Yet every time the blackness threatens to unravel me, stars appear.

Points of wondrous light that I can pluck from the jagged gloom, and endow with gratitude.

Illuminating a brighter side.

Stars.  Blessings.

Too many to count, I’m reminded.

Stitched into the fabric of my delicately woven life.



Picture credit here.


28 thoughts on “Ever Mindful

  1. I can’t tell you how deeply this affects me.. it has been a tattering few years for us and let me say .. this is my sentiment .. Exactly.. you hit a button and you reached my heart.. I love this and printed it to frame and put in my sewing room to look at each day and remember to look for the stars. I am also sending it to a very very dear friend of mine that suffers from depression .. this is soooo beautiful Valerie.. your best work if I do say so myself… thank you for the insight. you are a deep soul.

    • Lisa, much love sweet girl. This is what I hope and pray for with my writing. Hugs for you and your dear friend, and if you ever need to talk I am close by:) xoxoxo

  2. That was an amazing Valarie! Like Liz it touched me deeply. You seen to have a way of reaching your readers, touching their very soul !

  3. I love every single word of this the way you threaded them together. Absolutely soothing and stunning. (I think I overuse the word stunning to describe your work is that possible?!) Really incredible piece, Valerie. I also need to print it out and frame it.

    • Ivy, I agree. Too much negativity kills the spirit-and I know I’m guilty. I want to count more stars:) xx Thank you so much, sweet friend. I appreciate you so much:)

    • Thank you so much Kelly! That it is a universal feeling is exactly what I wanted this to convey, and something I need to be more mindful of myself.

      I hope you have a great long weekend!!

  4. This kicked ass: “Points of wondrous light that I can pluck from the jagged gloom, and endow with gratitude.”

    I liked what you did with your word choices and great flow. Good piece.

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