Candy Dish

Tarnished, yes, and the silver plating, worn thin in places, exposes areas of base tin.  Brimming with confections, and conveniently cradled in my lap, fluted lines and floral embossing reflect generations of chocoholic ancestors, some with less polish than others.   Case in point.  My great-great-great-grandfather stole a kiss from my great-great-great-grandmother, way back  in 1907.  (And the rest is history.)

This is my first time linking up with Five Sentence Fiction.  The prompt is the word silver.

Lillie McFerrin Writes

Picture credit here.


17 thoughts on “Candy Dish

  1. I love old things with a history to them and the stories passed down through generations.You did a wonderful job with this one. Your stories seem to be getting shorter and shorter….five sentences OMG.

    I thought the video was one YOU put up before I saw the thing about ads. I wondered why everyone had the same bottles. Nana turns 100 is an odd commercial:~)

    Also, happy holidays to you and a very bright new year!!!

    • Thanks Sara! I seem to do better the shorter I get;) My mom noticed the ads too! I guess I need to pay for this blog:)

      Have the happiest of holidays too, my friend. I should say, my old friend-because we have been friends for a while now, and I am so, so thankful for that! xx

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