Trouble in Mind

There are spiders in the basement.  Clockwork-legged creatures that skitter across the cold cement floor like unwelcome thoughts. There are boxes, too. Precarious pyramids of brown corrugated cardboard filled with mistakes, regrets, silly accumulations and outgrown notions.  Waiting to be moved out. (As soon as I am able to move on.)  And most distressing of all-damp, heavily shadowed corners.  I  hesitate to imagine what trepidations might be lurking within those dark spaces.

I’m inclined to flee.  Nail the basement door shut.  Never again force my shuddering self to venture into the depths of this bare-bulb lighted pit. Turn my back and whimper whatever.

Still, among the complicated chaos, I discover some gems.  Radiant moments, resplendent memories, carefully packed away in colored tissue paper. I carry them upstairs.  Illuminate them in optimistic daylight.  And find sanity once more.

This week we were asked to use the third definition of the word whatever-(adverb) Used to show that something is not important.


36 thoughts on “Trouble in Mind

    • Thank you, sweet friend! I’ve been struggling with the words for a couple weeks now. It felt so good to break the silence at last. My eyes are a little cross eyed right now from working on this, but I will visit your wonderful post tomorrow:) xx

  1. Congratulations on last week’s win!!! It’s hard to send them away (I cried a lot) but then we adjust and watch them bloom. The beautiful words above remind me of everything I have to do and unload in my basement but don’t have the energy to do so. Always wonderful visiting your writing!!!

    • Gina-thank you so much! It gives me strength knowing that others have gone down this road before me, and I’m not alone. I can relate to the crying-I’m thinking of buying a boat! Thanks for you encouraging words, my friend:)

  2. I love the way you sprinkled alliteration through this piece. And the back and forth play of light and darkness. Brilliant work, Valerie. The line “illuminate them in optimistic daylight” is lingering in my mind and making me smile again and again.

    • Thanks, dear M. I’m glad this spoke to you-I was praying that the message of dark vs. light and finally hope would come shining through. I appreciate your words so very much:)

  3. I was a young child the last time I lived in a house with a basement (they aren’t all that common in Arizona) but I remember it being a very creepy place. I like the image of uncovering forgotten precious memories there and bringing them back into our lives.

  4. Every word precisely, expertly, chosen to evoke the reader’s memory and emotion. In such a short passage, you pulled me in and made me feel *everything* and I feel like I understand why the narrator was compelled to enter the basement, and the memories, on this day, at this moment.

    What I’m trying to say is that I just adore your writing, Valerie. :))) Another wonderful work.

    • Thank you so much, dear Jo! I wasn’t sure I’d pulled this piece off so I am so very glad you liked it. My mind reminds me of a basement sometimes-I fear the spiders and dark corners-and all those boxes full of memories! Oy!! xx

  5. I love how you describe those randomly placed boxes so poetically. After my divorce, I avoided them until I discovered similar treasures: Presents made by my kids when they were little. I really related to this lovely writing.

  6. The whole first paragraph/stanza/section/whatever……is incredibly well-written. I love the description of the spiders, the content of the boxes and your feelings “waiting to be moved out (as soon as I am ready to move on)” is all wonderful. I, also, liked the way to turned your fears into something positive in the end. All in all, another stellar, stellar piece of writing. 🙂

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