Hesitation Waltz

Victorian skaters

A winter dance, frozen in daguerreotype black and white.

He leads, she slips. 

He catches her, she falls for him.

His face colors flame, hers colors blush.

Sparks fly, and the ice melts.


After a pretty awful week, I wanted to write something upbeat. (I hope this made you smile as well.)  Also, on a historical note, the Hesitation Waltz was  introduced in 1910 by the famous dance couple Vernon and Irene Castle.


Photo credit: here.


3 thoughts on “Hesitation Waltz

  1. Definitely made me smile – the way you played with language here about her slipping and then falling for him. And the different colors of their cheeks, heating up and the ice melting. Wish I could melt away the awful week you had. oxox.

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