Raw Genius

My intention, initially, when you granted me permission to treat your apartment as my own, and to come and go as I pleased  (we were, as you pointed out, practically married) was wholly honorable.

I only desired, in secrecy, to strip away the confines of corset and petticoats, and attire  myself, for the afternoon, in one of your suits so that I could work on my equations while relishing the liberty of movement granted solely to members of the masculine sex.

(And oh what bliss to contemplate and formulate to my heart’s content without gasping for breath.)

But when you discovered me, clad solely in my unbridled intellect, experiencing absolute emancipation from the layers and laces meant to manipulate me into the perfect vision of propriety, it was the most exhilarating moment of my life!

That you broke off our engagement made me realize how little you appreciated my assets, after all.


Something short and lighthearted this week-using the third definition of the world manipulate.



47 thoughts on “Raw Genius

  1. Completely enjoyed this Valerie! Foolish to think that clothes make a woman, or vise versa, but that same stereotype is still present today. This was a delightful read, and for her to feel liberated in the face of his rejection. Wonderful!

  2. Clearly he has no appreciation of a woman’s wild abandon. Lucky for her she found out just in the nick of time. Else, a life of constipated, imposed rules to dominate her into propriety awaited her. She deserved better…. enjoyed this.

  3. A great piece of writing Valerie. I must say I have some sympathy with the man – finding the woman of his dreams corsetless and working on equations, is a lot to take in!

    • Thanks Mike-for your comment, and for making me laugh too!! It certainly would be a lot to take in…;) I just hope it doesn’t turn out that he has a heart condition!

  4. Hahahahahahahahahaha
    ‘clothed solely in my unbridled intellect’ – man, that’s how I wanna live my life from now on! Bring on the heat.
    Unappreciated assets!! Thanks for the belly laugh, Valerie! Love this.

    • Thanks Renada! I think he turned out to be an empty suit of sorts. It’s always such a relief when a character is saved from a terrible fate-or mate as the case may be:)

  5. What a fun write to read:~) I smiled all through it and just imagine your character. I loved this, “(And oh what bliss to contemplate and formulate to my heart’s content without gasping for breath.)”

    I read enough of historical romances (should I publicly admit this?) and this is so TRUE. I’m glad I didn’t live back then. Whalebone corsets couldn’t not have been much fun to wear.

    You do have a wonderful way with humor and words….you made this story a delicious confection for me to consume:~)

    Hope is well with you.

  6. Val,my friend,you never cease to amaze me with your writing!This was such fun to read-made me giggle:-)Glad he discovered her in her “emancipated state” and decided to call off the engagement-he was too insipid to enjoy her intellectual assets anyway-what a moron!

  7. He doesn’t know what he is throwing away. Your phrasing in this piece was artful… “experiencing absolute emancipation from the layers and laces meant to manipulate me into the perfect vision of propriety” Beautiful.

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