Choice Words

driving with dog

I forgot water for your lilies.


And I dented your Packard.


Then it slipped my mind to sport your platinum solitaire.


Call me what you will.

I’m calling it off.


The prompt:  Love gone wrong…with a catch.


Picture credit here.

28 thoughts on “Choice Words

    • Carol, I did:) I have the WORST habit of posting and then editing! Often, after I hit “post” I have these insights as to how I can improve what I’ve written-things I don’t think of until I see a piece of writing live on my blog. (To be honest, I do it every single time.)

      Thanks so much for reading-both versions:) I’m so glad you like this one, because I did too-the words seem to fit better.

  1. I love her and her attitude! And this write!!!!!

    I do the same thing. I fiddle after I push the button. In my case, it can’t be helped but I’m happy to hear someone as incredibly talented as you does the same thing! Happy Wednesday, Valerie!

  2. This reminds me of the Great Gatsby. I really liked the attitude in this story. BTW I laughed so hard regarding the conversation about making changes after posting. I try not to do this,but like you and many other…sometimes I just can’t resist. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in my need to make…just a few changes:~)

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