I recognized the signs.  Carnivorous eyes, accelerated breathing.  And most certainly, hidden beneath your attire that defied the pigeon-holing of any particular decade-a heart racing like a runaway train.  (I’ve found myself in a similar condition on many an occasion.)  Moreover, as amidst your rummaging, I gently broke it to you that the collection of coats, hanging on a rack outside the hall, in fact belonged to ladies attending the jumble, and weren’t for sale, I knew we were destined to become best friends.


True story.  Almost.  I’ve just altered the details slightly to protect the innocent.


Lillie McFerrin Writes

2 thoughts on “Priceless

  1. This is hilarious, yet heartwarming. One of the things I like about FSF is how people can write a story using a situation that would normally be outside of anything I’d be interested in, and yet I find myself enjoying them so much. This story is one of them.

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