Hell’s Kitchen

Only a fool, she believed, would be silly enough to argue against the merits of modern appliances.  Still, why would a woman with a bone to pick deny herself  the brute satisfaction of beating fluffiness into a bowl of cake batter, or giving a batch of bread dough a good working over?  So she drew the line at electric mixers.  Sure, they did everything for fast.  But nothing for furious.


Lillie McFerrin Writes


16 thoughts on “Hell’s Kitchen

  1. Oooo I like this .. I have this same feeling! Our world is too fast .. nothing is done with true purposeful thought… Love it! Bravo! …. I’m thinking this is my most favorite sentiment so far! .. I’m printing it out and taping it inside my baking cupboard door!

    • Thanks you, sweet friend! I agree with you. Baking “by hand” helps bring that sense of purpose back. I’ll be writing you a little note very soon, my dear:)

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