The Singer in the Cigarette Pants

I’d make Frank Sinatra crush.

Jerry Lee Lewis blush.

Hit Frankie Valley’s high notes.

Rock Elvis Presley’s boat.

All the while getting the snarls out.

If I had a hi-fi.

And a hairbrush.


As I face life without Trifecta, I’m trying to come up with some other outlets for my creativity.  My hairbrush is on edge…

39 thoughts on “The Singer in the Cigarette Pants

  1. Well now, hi-fi certainly is a term I haven’t heard in a long time. Good for you for using such appropriate terminology in relation to the singers mentioned. As for Trifecta, thanks for sharing all of the terrific work that you have over the past years. I have learned a lot about what good writing is by reading your work. Thanks, as well, for everything you have done to be supportive on my blog. Your kind and instructive words have meant a lot. I hope that I continue to be able to read your good work in our post-Trifecta world. Take care, Valerie and, thanks. 🙂

    • You’ve always been a bright spot here, Tom. I can’t believe it’s all coming to an end. I wouldn’t be the writer I am without the encouragement of so many other writers like you. I’ll never forget this:) Thanks, my friend, and you take care too:)

  2. This made me smile and what a fun read.


    Gonna have to keep in touch with as many Trifectans as I can , including my favourite pirate.


  3. OH. NO. I didn’t know about Trifecta. That’s so sad. I didn’t get to participate very often as the word limit is very tight for me, but I always appreciated the people who did, like you. You are an excellent writer in those challenges and in WoE, as well.

    Now, for my comments on this one. I remember actually using a hair brush as my microphone and belting out songs…of course, my singing made the dog howl, but I had fun. This was a nice read. I’m having a hard time writing this because I’m so bummed about Trifecta and all the people who’ve participated in it regularly. I don’t like change very much:~(

    • Sara, thank you! I hate change too-and I dread other changes that are on the horizon (Amy leaving home!) But I know I won’t be losing touch with you though. You’ve been a part of my world for far too long:) xx

  4. You’re just INCREDIBLE…it’s like it’s your year Valerie and no one is happier than I am to be reading all your words in this space and beyond. Such talent and creativity. WOW.

    Such a fantastic piece for our beloved Trifecta!

    • Oh dear sweet Kir! You are so kind! I appreciate that so much, because it’s always been such an honor to read your stellar woork! Thanks so much! xx

  5. I *love* this!! It’s got an exuberance and a sassiness that can’t be beat. “a hi-fi and a hairbrush” – fantastic! Val, your writing never falls short. Wonderful job. Hope to see you over at Write on Edge and elsewhere!

    • Thanks Christine! High praise from you, and I am grateful! I hope you do join in over at Write on Edge-I’ll be there too-so I’ll see you around:)

  6. This is a great example of a poet with total guts and confidence grabbing the readers by the balls, and saying: look here! All while still being at it’s core Human. Brilliant work, honestly. Nice job!

    • Thanks you guys! It’s been such an honor to participate here. (And now my hairbrush doesn’t know what it’s in for;) Thank you, with all my heart, for having inspired me like you did with Trifecta!

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