Miss Fortune

Mary Brian, Neil Hamilton– <em>Beau Geste</em>

My stars!  She says it in the face of fate’s gentlest favors.  When she spies a nickel on the sidewalk-or her piece of toast, having slid off it’s china plate, lands buttered side up.  But in matters of her fledgling heart, to assert with conviction that the swarthy sky is icing and not an icebox?  She cannot yet discern whether she is lucky, or not.


Lillie McFerrin Writes


Picture credit here.


8 thoughts on “Miss Fortune

  1. Luck is relative to the individual involved and the matter at hand.
    FInding a nickel heads-up I would consider lucky.
    Having my toast landing butter side up wouldn’t matter as I wouldn’t eat it anyway.

    Would love to read your comment on my endeavor. [use my second link for WordPress]

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