A Happy Ending

Those last places on earth. Squares of sunny century old hardwood floor where dying dogs drift into rainbowed sleep. Or patches of grassy lawn where just graduated best friends embrace in tearful hugs that may, or may not be repeated in another 1o years.


I’ve thought about this often. Where I’d want my last place to be. And I realize it’s not so much a place on earth, as a place inside myself. Where the love I’ve had for you would radiate from within me as the embers of my life burned down into the love you gave me.





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16 thoughts on “A Happy Ending

    • And, God, I’ve missed you my friend!! I can’t seem to keep up these days, but I know that days when I read your writing are better days…I’ll see you soon…and thank you! xx

    • Cheryl, Thank you so much! I truly wrote this one from my heart:) And thank you for your lovely comment last week too…I’m slowly catching on visiting the blogs of other writers and I will by yours soon:) xx

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