Letter to My Girl

Beloved Amy,

Is how I would begin.

There was never any doubt in my mind as to what your name would be.

Based on meaning alone. 

Just that.


And if by chance the name had been different, something awful like…well I don’t want to step on any toes here (imagine the worst name you can think of) then, yes, you would have different initials. (Thankfully, I also happen to think your name is exceptionally beautiful.)

We labored long and hard before we met, you and I.  A night.  A day.  And another night.  You arrived so quietly.  (You would demonstrate your lung capacity soon enough.)  And in that quietness, I loved you enough to know that I would die without you.  Yet I was mystified by you, as well.  Who you were.  My daughter, yes.  Even so, all I could  tell you of your future as I saw it in those first few minutes and hours and days was nothing more than a scripted list of milestones.

I know you now.  Infinitely  better than I did then.   I’ve had 18 years to learn.  Still, there is so much more for me to discover about you-in time.

Your continuing story, as you write it.

(How I wish I could say this aloud to you.)

Some day.

When the words can come clearly without my voice betraying me.

For today, though,

I know you well enough to know,

you know this.

8 thoughts on “Letter to My Girl

  1. I want to write my first daughter a letter to take with her when she leaves for college in the fall. Even in this age of FaceTime and texting, I think a letter she can hold on to and read whenever she likes is still nice.

    • Angie, I think that is a wonderful idea!! Something tangible that she can hold on to. That will mean so, so much to your daughter. I need that sort of thing too, even in this day and age. Thanks so much for your thoughts, my dear…We will get through this…xx

  2. Oh how I know that feeling…Though I’m hoping to stay composed during graduation this Friday (I highly doubt it) in August when she’s gone….oh my God, Angie…

  3. Oh Valeria this is beautiful, I wrote both my girls one too. Amy is the perfect name for a beautiful young lady out on her own making her Mom proud. Hug B

  4. Ohhhh Val.
    Oh my heart is full of love,pride,kindness for you and Amy.

    What a lucky,beloved girl to have you as a mom. Xo

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