Amy Scissorhands

Amy on swing

I should have known.  I really should have known.  Amy had been too quiet, for too long.  And when I finally went to her room to see what she was up to, it was too late.  Oh sure-there were some red flags in those moments of relaxation that I had been enjoying.  But I chose to ignore them.

The scene I encountered when I entered her room was something I can only describe as resembling what I believe would be the beauty parlor from H-E-double toothpicks.  One where things have gone horribly wrong-where a hairdresser with a grudge-or some misguided sense of style, has been at work. 
There was hair EVERYWHERE.  It took me a minute to sort out my confusion.  Amy’s hair was a delicate shade of reddish blonde, and there was plenty of that.  But I also saw black hair…and brown hair… and something that looked like fur…and I seem to recall some green hair too.

All I can say, is that Amy must have worked very quickly.  When I say that the quiet in her room had lasted too long, it couldn’t have been more than 15 or 20 minutes.  But put a pair of scissors in the hands of a child on a mission, and it’s long enough.

I don’t know who she started on first-herself, or one of the many stuffed animals that fell victim that day. No one was spared.  Not even Willow, who probably figured that hair cutting  was just another form of attention.  (So that’s where the fur came from.)

Of all the hair cuts given that day-they had one thing in common.  Without a doubt, they were all bad.  (Amy’s was a real piece of work-cropped down to her scalp in several places.)  But at least her haircut and Willow’s haircut were not permanent, and would eventually grow out.

And what did Amy have to say for herself when her handiwork was discovered?  I didn’t do it–my stuffed skunk did.

So what do you say to an otherwise good three year old child, who is impossibly cute, telling a bold faced lie while holding a pair of safety scissors in her hand and covered with hair and fur?  Well I guess we should send skunk to beauty school then.  If’s he’s going to be giving haircuts, he should at least learn to do them right.


6 thoughts on “Amy Scissorhands

    • Vishal, this is a true story…my daughter Amy really did this when she was three…She’s 18 now and luckily never went crazy with scissors again;)

      • Oh! The way u related the just happened..u made the narration so believable. Now, don’t tell me shez gonna embrace fashion design as a career..hehe

  1. My girl friend little girl did the same thing when she was about three. She’s married now and we still kid her about that little make over. Nice voice in this Valerie! I enjoyed it.

  2. What a wonderful story. I laughed through it and it reminded me of antics my own girls pulled. Fortunately, not with scissors. I love Amy’s excuse…only children can be that innocent and naturally creative. The word picture you wrote of this particular scene makes me smile…I can just see her:~)

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