Port in a Storm

In my pitch black soul days.

Bottom of the barrel days.

He (as in He) sent me a pretty clear message that He’d not lost sight of who I was, even if I’d stopped believing it.

Among a confusion of empty bottles and cigarettes left to burn down in ash trays, loud music and a bunch of drunk strangers who’d invaded her home, a terrified five year old girl wandered into that confusion, grabbed ahold of my leg-

And held on for dear life.


I think of that little girl quite often…when I need reminding.

4 thoughts on “Port in a Storm

  1. Dark and light come together. When there’s a dark time, something light will be there for us, but we have to open our eyes and see it, in whatever form it takes. That’s what this writing makes me think of. I believe there’s a reason that little girl found you “worthy of her trust…” Well written, my friend:~)

    • Beautifully said, dear Sara. It was one of the lowest points of my life….yet in that came this shining moment. I’ve never forgotten it, xoxoxo

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