Mustard Seed

If only he’d asked her to.  Not because he doubted that she did, but because of what it would have done for him, hearing it.  That someone, even one someone, loved him more than anything else in the world.  How it would have made them more them.

Prove you love me.


Like her uncle did.

Loved a certain woman despite the fact she was everything his family would have objected to.  Loved her enough to ask her daughters for permission to marry her.  Loved her so much that as a POW, he must have, for four long years, pined for her to the point of insanity while he withered away in that camp.

And how that woman had proved it too.  Keeping the secret of their love, to protect him.  Sending her condolences to his family, as merely an acquaintance.  That must have nearly killed her.


Prove you love me.

But he never asked. 

Then again, there’d never really been anything there to prove.


Inspired by the  prompt over at Light and Shade…Prove It

I missed the link up deadline, (the story of my life lately) but still thought I’d post anyway.



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