A Good Heart

I used to wear it on my sleeve.  Till it was stolen.  Something so valuable is bound to be desired by others.  I am heartless now, though I am not hardened-I wore it long enough to give and take my share of love.  And my hope is that the one who owns it now might do the same.


Lillie McFerrin Writes


By way of explanation, when I came up with this I was thinking about the definition of fenced meaning to sell stolen goods.


2 thoughts on “A Good Heart

  1. I would have gotten the same interpretation from the word:~) I loved your take on this. Your talent for short-shorts always amazes me. You are so good at completing a story in short form and this one is an excellent example.

  2. Such a fantastic take on that word, it works perfectly.
    A good heart is hard to find and sometimes even harder to hold onto.

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