Grains of Sand

It’s what you’d do first.  Pray.  Plead.  In quiet desperation.  Loud until your voice gave out. 

Don’t go.

Denied that, you’d pray and plead again, to be allowed the chance to say goodbye.

Then, denied that, you’d ask yourself,

To have loved and lost-what was the point?

Because you long ago realized that in the ways of the universe, timing is everything.  That chances come and then are gone and in one such moment missed, this wreckage of misery and memories could have been avoided.

So you’d find the point.  And then you’d not be denied that, at least.

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog~


I had in mind when I wrote this, my 18 year old daughter’s friend Daniel, who took his own life a month after graduation.  Colleges will be starting up in the next few weeks, and kids will be leaving…but not like that.


I got to choose the song this week!

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