Grow old with me.

My fitful sleep.  No sooner enthralled by ocean dreams, than my spilled into the night daylight angst begins to ebb with salt water’s solicitation-forged in the lifetimes of patience and courage it has witnessed.  And fear is washed away.  Impermanent as writing on wave kissed sand.  Abiding sea.  Ancient companion on my continuing voyage.  Fortune in my dreams.  Fortune in my heart.

The best is yet to be.


This piece was inspired by a prompt over at:



One thought on “Divine

  1. WOW. This is powerful. I loved the line, “Impermanent as writing on wave kissed sand.”

    Sorry, I’ve not been around lately. I’ve had blog issues, which have rather exhausted me, but I’ve missed my visits to your site and others:~)

    I hope you’ve has a good weekend.

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