His name was Ron, and he was a mean mouthy jerk until I got to know him my junior year.  And I realized that underneath all that bravado was a scared twenty year old who was never going to walk again, let alone drive the car that was as totaled as he was.  When he asked me one day if I’d sew him a Hawaiian shirt out of the wildly colored hibiscus rayon he’d had his mother get for him, I said I would. He was emphatic, though, that the falseness of his tough exterior should remain our little secret.

I  don’t want any whole flowers on it!




4 thoughts on “Fabricated

    • Alexander, thank you! And yes, this is a true story. I remember taking the fabric and pattern home, and the hours my mom and I spent arranging pattern pieces to avoid having any dreaded whole flowers. Poor Ron. He was so angry at what had happened to him though he still believed that a miracle would come along and make him able to walk again. I lost touch with him, but I still smile when I think about that shirt 🙂

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