A Perfect Fit

Hangers entwined, they belong together-the jacket and trousers.  And judging by the skinny lapels and cuffed hems, the duo in olive green and aqua plaid wool have been together for an awfully long time. Therein lies the problem.  How to separate them.  How to break it to the jacket that in fact, it is not desired nearly as much as its other half. The trousers, however, are ideal.  When she tries them on they become her as though they’ve actually been waiting all these years just for her. The jacket is another story.  Its exaggerated length makes her appear to be even shorter than she is, the sleeves ending long past the point where her fingertips do.

Once home, she drapes the jacket over the back of a chair before she takes the trousers to her bedroom and begins to pair them up with potential new other halves.  Funny though. Over the next few weeks, the jacket remains where it is.  As if it too is waiting for the right someone to come along. This thought occurs to her, and consoles her.


This piece was inspired by a recent Goodwill purchase of a 1950’s man’s suit.


6 thoughts on “A Perfect Fit

  1. LOL Only you could write such a wonderful short about pants and a jacket from Goodwill:~) I do hope the jacket will find it’s “right someone” soon. Perhaps it can be altered or do I dare even suggest this!

    • XOXOXO You are a gem! And yes, the thought of alterations crossed my mind as well! I’ll be by soon, too. Such a tired expression with me lately, but you are truly appreciated, dear Sara.

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