Come to Light

Beneath the surface.

Cold suspension.

The slow familiar.

Asking nothing more.

Than less of me.


10 thoughts on “Come to Light

  1. Just thought I would let you know (since you’ve been so kind about my work) that I’ve just published my first book! 🙂 Here is the link…it’s called “Hope”. It’s mainly a compilation of some of my best blog essays and some poetry from over the years. Still…I feel pretty proud of it. 🙂

    Merry Christmas Valerie and I hope it’s a wonderful one for you!

    • Melissa, there is so much I’ve neglected to tell you lately, one being how touched and flattered I am by your many kind and super appreciated comments on my writing, and another…I am so proud of you!!! Awesome, my dear! Just awesome!!! And I can’t wait to buy my copy! Merry Christmas to you too, and let’s keep in touch in 2015, ok? xx

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