That paint-by-number promise.

Life sketched out in nice clean lines, and all you need to do is just add your own color and make it perfect.

But sometimes the picture on the box is not what you end up with, and by getting mad, lashing out, you only make a bigger mess.

Look deep inside yourself instead, I tell myself.

Find the dots, and connect them.


Five sentence fiction vindictive


5 thoughts on “Draw

    • Thank you dear Vishal. Sometimes someone says something so kind I do not know what to say except to say thanks, because anything else seems less than adequate. But that thanks is infinite. ❤

  1. Is it amazing how writing is like speaking to ourselves or sometimes others…reminding of life’s challenges. Then again, sometimes a mess is what is needed because it’s the only way to escape the lines. By scribbling over them or even demolishing them, they disappear.

    I’m pleased to see a new writing and how much you amaze me with being able to do a complete story in five sentences.

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