When I first noticed them-a couple dozen or so small white skulls at the bead shop where I’d taken my daughter to buy some beads-the undeniable wanting I felt at the time made no sense, I told myself.  So I denied myself. 

17 of those small white skulls, strung together, would have fashioned the perfect bracelet for me.

Speaking for my self, I know that now.


My first post (unofficially) for an April A-Z blogging challenge-to try to coax myself back into writing something every day, even if it’s only a little something.


4 thoughts on “(A)uthentic

  1. What a challenge! I like this one. It is hard sometimes to give free rein to our authentic selves. Sometimes it takes a crisis to bring out the real self, but be warned…once released, she won’t take captivity well ever again.

    • I am going to comment back to all of your wonderful, incredibly insightful comments, but first, this made me cry. I have so much hope for myself. I am an incurable optimist even when there really doesn’t seem to be a reason for me to be so. And I am loving my authentic self. She has been met with fierce resistance by those who were comfortable with the old me. But you are right. She won’t ever take captivity well again. Ever. Love you, dear S. ❤

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