Some might call it random, or simply a mere coincidence, and need more proof before assuming otherwise.

That in a moment of desperation today, I receive a text from my far away friend telling me I am not alone and that I am loved.

I ask her. How she knew I needed to hear exactly those words, at exactly that second.

She just felt it.

I call that a miracle.


A to Z day 10


6 thoughts on “(J)ustify

  1. I agree. I find it amazing when someone says exactly what I needed to hear when I’m struggling with something. I think perhaps when we need something strong enough, we send out energy and someone picks it up and thankfully, in your case, didn’t put it aside, but took the time to respond.

    This challenge you’ve given yourself is only showing how much you’re growing.

    I love what you’re doing with words:~)

    • I’d never had anything like that happen to me before. This friend went through devastating heart break, and when I was feeling some of that I was beyond, well beyond words that she reached out.
      Thank you again, Sara dear, for your support. I don’t deserve it. But know that you are so appreciated. With all of my ❤

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