I made the list the day I found mustard stains on one of my vintage tablecloths. I tried to console myself, tell myself that things in life are flawed but you have to see the good somehow. And I thought of myself. And decided to make the list.

Weeks later, I’m flipping through my journal, looking for a blank page-a last ditch place to write down what I need at the grocery store-and I find the list again.

Kind. Fun to be around. Sense of humor. Sort of cute. Smiles a lot.

And so on.

Though I don’t see the good now.  I only see billions of other people who could write the same exact list. Or even better lists. 

What’s the point.

I’ve had this plain old navy blue tee shirt for more than 10 years now. I’ve slept in it, used it as swimsuit cover-up, worn it over leggings on days when I’ve eaten too much chocolate, imagining  I need to hide my thighs.  It’s faded, and the cotton is starting to disintegrate.  On paper, nothing out of the ordinary.



A to Z day 18


2 thoughts on “(R)easons

  1. Thank you Angie, really. I had such a hard time with this one, trying to make my point. I got so tired, and posted it and felt like I’d somehow failed. And then you leave this comment. I’m so humbled. xx

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