That split second.

Before you know what’s written on the folded slip of paper you’ve drawn from an old fish bowl,

which seemed to have no purpose further than fish,

until now.

Fortunate, or not so much.

A split second away.


My life,

in split seconds,

slowed down as though they are under water.

Try to choose wisely, I caution myself.

Fortunate, not so much failure.

Yet, I allow, to find my purpose, it may take an ocean’s worth of slips.


A to Z day 25


2 thoughts on “(Y)et

  1. I really enjoyed what you said in this one. Yes, it often takes “an ocean’s worth of slips” to find our purpose, but I think that’s what life is about, isn’t it? That “line upon line, precept upon precept” that allows us to become wiser, more patient, more loving, more understanding human beings. We will all get there someday, each traveling our own path. Hugs dear Valerie!

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