So sad. That it turned out like this. Unforeseen, but what a relief. To be left alone finally-yet now relegated to this frosty climate of fallen out of favor. You didn’t expect of course, hellish fury when you scorned him, he after all posing as the picture of perfect propriety even though he wasn’t.  But you did not expect this killing coldness either.  Turn up the heat if you need to, you tell yourself.  He has no idea how close he is to nothing.


A to Z day 26. Flash fiction fun with alliteration and double word meaning.

5 thoughts on “(Z)ero

  1. Perfect title to sum up a complete. I read and I think about the theories of science – not being able to create matter or energy; all we can do is transform it from one form to another. Mathematically speaking, the end result is zero. Perfect completion. 🙂

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