Be all

that beautiful.


On the inside.



Zip code day 1. Places I’ve lived. Each piece, five lines, with the number of words per line matching the numbers in the zip code. The individual locations will have no bearing on what I write other than providing me with word limitations.


4 thoughts on “22030

  1. Valerie! I LOVE this zip code idea, it would fit so well into the book I was writing last year that is on hiatus at the moment. I might have to write a few of these, see how they go. Love yours so far! oxox.

    • Meg, thank you! I’ve only done two zips so far but I am loving the challenge they give me. You know, I went from almost giving up on writing due to my fear I’d never get over my severe writer’s block, to deciding I wan’t going to just let my writing die like that, and so I made a commitment to myself to start working really hard-and by giving myself these little challenges, I think it’s paying off. And I’d love to hear more about your book too! ❤

  2. I love the challenges you give yourself and you do very well in accomplishing them. I hope you are okay and please don’t ever give up on your writing!

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