As in the name of the not afraid to draw blood bright red lipstick I am wearing, and because I am feeling more fearless by the second. He is staring at me, trying to pull off an expression of condescending amusement.  I want to rub it off of his face.

You got lipstick on, don’t you?  Myself?  I prefer no make up.

I start giggling.  My own private joke as my mind drifts back to a beautiful eyeliner boy I was all kinds of stupid over when I was 22. I wonder what became of him.  I hope he did not change.  Lose his beauty.

Yes, I am wearing lipstick, I barely manage, my giggles doing the work for me.  Rubbing that condescending amusement right off.  Leaving him bewildered, at a loss for words.

I have nothing else to say.

My mind’s drifted again, to a beautiful eyeliner boy, a different one though. And Fearless kisses.


Sort of inspired by smooth, the prompt over at Velvet Verbosity, and sort of not, and sort of a true conversation, and sort of way over the 100 word limit besides.


3 thoughts on “Fearless

    • Thank you dear Sara. I can honestly say I hate this person. I know that is a pretty intense thing to say. Maybe it’s to teach me to be fearless. Remind me that I am nothing like them, still, I don’t know why they have to be in my life right now. I try to see the good, but it’s hard. I think of you often, I will visit your blog soon, and write soon as well. I miss you. ❤ xoxoxo

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