If my heart is not destined, in this lifetime, to be soothed by the salt and water substance it craves, let me at least find solace in the infinite depth above.

lofty spindrift clouds

and endless airy aquamarine

so much akin to liquid depths

that in the absence of sea, suffice the sky

10 thoughts on “Blue

  1. Oh Valerie – yes! All spring and summer so far I’ve been taking photos of the sky and feeling like it looks so oceanic. Your words ring true here. oxox.

    • Thank you dear Meg! I’m always amazed by the similarities between the two, and when I am desperately missing the ocean it’s nice to look up, and almost believe that I’m there. ❤

  2. Love this…and I feel the same way. Blue is my favorite color and always will be. Whether I watch it ripple across the water or look at the sky, I love the peaceful, soothing effect it has on me.

    • Melissa, thank you, my dear! ❤ Just last night, when I looked out, the windblown clouds looked exactly like waves and while my heart was again missing being near the water I felt that same peaceful, soothing effect. Some day, maybe I'll have the best of both worlds and I will be nearer the ocean but until then I know where to look when I need to be "there." xoxoxo, my friend. ❤

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