Another cup of  tea, thank you yes and sugar would be lovely.  Another after another after another. 

Because of course buttons can be anything. 

And I could never refuse them. Especially on this day of days.  First day of school ever,  in all of the first days of school-first days of everything-to come.  Besides, five year olds truly do make the sweetest cups of tea.

My daughter was barely past her first day of kindergarten on 9/11.  Another day of days. It was just beyond all button tea imagination. 

It still is.  For many many reasons.

But especially, for heaven’s sake, because of the children.

Another cup of button tea, thank you yes and sugar would be lovely, and if only, if only, we all could try be a little bit more like five year olds.


2 thoughts on “Imagine

  1. Great to know that the little one makes good tea, When it comes to tea, there is no limit.. especially it is made my the sweetest little person in the world. Just feels like having more and more.

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