I envied her, emulated her-desired to be her,

and as such I could then love myself,


realizing the need

that we reflect our own truth.


Zip code day 3.



Crimson once, yet now the loveliest octopus hue,

my ancient dictionary, eighty years

faded, fore edge dotted white with

thumb tab tentacles

embracing me in wordy hugs.


Zip Code day 2


Be all

that beautiful.


On the inside.



Zip code day 1. Places I’ve lived. Each piece, five lines, with the number of words per line matching the numbers in the zip code. The individual locations will have no bearing on what I write other than providing me with word limitations.


So sad. That it turned out like this. Unforeseen, but what a relief. To be left alone finally-yet now relegated to this frosty climate of fallen out of favor. You didn’t expect of course, hellish fury when you scorned him, he after all posing as the picture of perfect propriety even though he wasn’t.  But you did not expect this killing coldness either.  Turn up the heat if you need to, you tell yourself.  He has no idea how close he is to nothing.


A to Z day 26. Flash fiction fun with alliteration and double word meaning.


That split second.

Before you know what’s written on the folded slip of paper you’ve drawn from an old fish bowl,

which seemed to have no purpose further than fish,

until now.

Fortunate, or not so much.

A split second away.


My life,

in split seconds,

slowed down as though they are under water.

Try to choose wisely, I caution myself.

Fortunate, not so much failure.

Yet, I allow, to find my purpose, it may take an ocean’s worth of slips.


A to Z day 25


You discover, in the midst of find what matters,

a different shade of hair color, slightly more auburn, macaroni and cheese made with cream, a little kid who needs to tell you he misses his best friend, just like you do, washing dishes in your black platform boots, garters and stockings worn just for yourself, a mentor of sorts who can’t thank you enough, unmeasured walks, uncountable words.

And find a way around what doesn’t.


A to Z day 24